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Why not add some colour to your life and get the best hair colouring service in Morningside? Holistic Hair Collective does hair colouring that not only makes your hair look gorgeous but also fabulous as well. Our professional award-winning hairstylists are armed with creativity, artistry, and experience that will bring out your beauty by treating your hair with premium colour products that leave your hair looking healthy, glossy, and glorious. So whatever mood you’re in, whatever colour your aura is, let us bring them all together with the latest hairstyle and hair colouring that will complement how you want to face the world.

Holistic Hair Collective takes pride in the ingenuity and talent of its hairdressers and hair dye specialists. Individually, they’ve earned recognition from various industry awards, affirming their creativity that inspires each and every one of our staff to do the very best work that will make you feel like you’re a star. The expertise and experience culled from years of making every customer beautiful and feel good about themselves have made us THE go-to hair treatment salon in Morningside and surrounds.

Hair Colour Salon for Beautiful Balayage

If you’re aiming for natural, sun-kissed looking hair that’s beautiful and easy to manage, then Balayage from the best hair colour salon is for you. Balayage leaves an impression that you’ve just returned from a luxurious summer getaway! This look is accomplished by the expert hand of our awesome stylist by applying colour onto the hair in a graduated or progressive manner that gives a lightening effect exposure to sunlight can create. What’s great about Balayage is that it can be done on all shades of hair colour.

The Balayage Benefits:

Low Maintenance.Less work is involved in giving grown-out roots a look that’s natural. Less work translates to less time in the salon. Less money is spent as compared to other colouring treatments, and more importantly, less damage to the hair.

Customisable. Our Balayage treatment is always based on your facial skin tone analysis. So what you get is a customised hair colouring treatment.

Customisable. Our Balayage treatment is always based on your facial skin tone analysis. So what you get is a customised hair colouring treatment.

Who We Are

Holistic Hair Collective is your go-to salon for pampering and perfect hair. Staffed with award-winning hairstylists and makeup artists, we absolutely love making our clients feel relaxed, pampered, gorgeous, and great about themselves! Our team members are passionate artists whose objective is to get your hair perfect at prices that won’t break the bank.

On top of our hairdressing services, we also offer professional beauty treatments such as facial waxing and tinting. Our wedding and formal packages have left many of our clients very happy. We also do style cuts and colouring for men, as well as haircuts for pre-schoolers to high schoolers, both boys and girls. You can check our menu of services here.